Trickle Down

If you’ve ever wondered how much these small people pick up on current events, wonder no longer. We held an election last week here at school and the level of awareness, the knowledge about the two candidates, and the requests of our next president were astounding and priceless for a group of 3 to 5 year olds…

We made picture ballots,

voting booths,

and asked everyone what they thought the President should accomplish in his term. Among the best responses, “Kill Lions”, “Make dragons breathe fire”, “I don’t know, I just want to play with a spider”, and “He needs to be around”.

The parents’ reactions to their child’s sometimes surprise voting preferences may have been the most amusing aspect of the day…..everything from “She needs to do some serious soul searching tonight” to “I’m giving him a 5 hour timeout!” All in good fun of course, because the most important lesson in all this is the trickle down effect of current events in the world, and that we shouldn’t underestimate our children’s level of understanding about these things.

“Me and the President”

Jeff Kagan concert was so fun!

As usual, Jeff and Paige were adorable and energetic in their Sunday 5/1 concert at the Boulder Bandshell. They have really become a huge part of the local music scene and my kids always want to go see them perform! Every concert is a lesson in how we can help conserve energy and appreciate the natural world we live in. Not only does the music get everyone up and moving and encourage exercise, but the lyrics are all educational and inspiring. My daughters singing about the different levels of the alpine or how photosynthesis works is so cool! Can’t wait until Monday night concerts start at Chatauqua!