Easy Science = Easy Learning

We do a lot of science activities in the Pre-K room. A LOT. But we make these activities easy and fun and always developmentally appropriate. Like the other day, when we all grabbed a journal and some binoculars and went on a leaf color expedition.


We wrote columns with R (Red), Y (Yellow), O (Orange), and G (Green) and made hash marks for each color we saw.


So we end up using our science activities to teach literacy and vocabulary too, because you can’t make R, Y, O, and G without learning your letters and when you use words and phrases like field journals, collecting data, making observations, results, and predictions, we’re quickly expanding their list of words.


And then there’s the math we get to do, when we come inside and add up everyone’s results, and make a simple bar graph that uses addition and comparison concepts.


Easy Science = Easy Learning and LOTS of FUN



  1. You now have another devoted follower to your blog……nice to meet someone who talks the same language vis a vis education as I……..thank you, S the H…

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