Colorado History: Repeating Itself

In the Pre-K class this year, we are exploring the United States, all its different geography, cultures, foods, and history, and what better place to begin our studies than here in beautiful Colorado! We decided that we would try and re-create some of the history of our state the other day by “panning” for gold in the creek behind the school. So armed with foil pie plates, we traipsed down to the banks, and lo and behold, there were nuggets of gold just waiting to be sifted. (Yes, I looked ridiculous to all the biking commuters at 8am when I was in the water surreptitiously placing all our spray-painted rocks)


Our hope is that “real-world” activities like this tie in to what we are hearing in the classroom, help make a permanent connection in their little minds, and a lasting memory of preschool for both kids and parents. The “gold” they got to take home probably didn’t hurt either:)

THIS is what play-based education is all about!!


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