Month: June 2013

Playing for Possibilities

Stumbled on this article from the NY Times about humans and play and how we are totally unique in this aspect of our lives. “Kittens may pretend to be cats fighting, but they will not pretend to be children; children by contrast, will readily pretend to be cats or kittens – and then to be Hannah Montana, followed by Spider-Man saving the day”. Through play we learn – we learn the power of possibilities, the power of cause and effect, and  the power of our imaginations. And we are learning the power of play the most when we’re young. Unfortunately as we age, we care less about exploring and more about not making mistakes. But here at Acorn, we believe strongly in play-based learning because “Studies suggest that free, self-directed play in safe environments, enhances resilience, creativity, flexibility, social understanding, emotional and cognitive control, and resistance to stress, depression, and anxiety”.  Play on friends:)