We’ve been writing the kids’ funny ones down for years. Pretty much the second they start talking, we put up a board on the classroom door and start writing down the daily hilariousness that comes out of their little mouths. When they graduate and go off to kindergarten, we publish them all for the parents and I think collectively all 5 years worth could put any episode of SNL to shame. Some of my favorites:

“We don’t talk back to anyone Suz, we only talk front”

“Hearts are for love everyone”

“I’m thankful for cows and guitars”

“I have my fastest running underwear on today”

“I’ll pretend to be the husband. The husband does nothing”

“Can we sing a song about drinking beer in a cabaret?”

“What’s first grade?! I thought kindergarten was it!”

I honestly could write 100 more of these down that make me pee in my pants every time I read them, but the point is, don’t let these little gems slip away. Regardless of whether you put them all together in a published, formal way, try to keep track of them somehow. Not only does it promote literacy to have the kids see you writing them down, but it makes the parents’ day to hear about how funny their little ones are and makes the kids feel so important and funny too:)

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