Month: December 2012

Ask Santa

Chris and I have so many pictures from our last post that it makes me want to stress again how important it is to have enough materials for your kids to use. On our playground right now, we do NOT have a lot of different materials to use….BUT what we do have, we have TONS of. Look closely at these pictures and you’ll notice enough metal cans for filling and pouring, enough half pipes to make a super long water transporter, and enough wooden pieces to make extra-long tunnels.  All the kids that wanted to contribute to that construction were able to, no one had to fight or negotiate for a turn, and those spontaneous, amazing moments where everyone is completely engaged are absolutely priceless.



So ask Santa for more stuff!!!

Wrong is Right

One of the most important components of play-based learning is encouraging the kids to take risks, experiment, and learn through their mistakes. But this article passed along to me from a parent made me wonder if we are more tolerant of the boys making mistakes than we are of the girls? Gender studies have always fascinated me and I absolutely remember feeling hesitant to take risks in classes like math and science when I was younger. In the study noted here, “boys were more likely to call out answers than girls, even though they were less accurate early in school. Over time, though, this practice at remembering answers may have allowed boys to surpass girls in accuracy.” So let’s try to be more conscious of allowing for ALL the kids’ impulsiveness. The excitement to have any answer at all, not just the correct answers, is what we should cultivate.