Month: March 2012

We all need to listen to this 5th grader….

Yes, I’m being repetitive. I’ll keep on being repetitive until everyone I know agrees to help me promote play and activity in our schools – until every teacher goes against the grain just enough to bring back the idea of recess and fun. Please take a minute to listen to this 5th grader, remind yourself how our recesses were conducted back in the day, and help us promote PLAY:)

Right to Play

Here at KodoKids, we are always on the lookout for other people, schools, and companies that believe in the power of play to promote development and educate our children. Here’s an amazing organization that is leading the way to help foster healthy physical, social, and emotional development in underprivileged children.


To improve the lives of children in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace.


To create a healthier and safer world through the power of sport and play.


Right To Play’s values reflect the best practices of sport and play.


Where the Wild Things Are

If you ever doubted whether kids love stories……………here’s one of my students singing the entire book of “Where the Wild Things Are”. We’ve had the best time exploring this book and they have also become obsessed with the story of “Abiyoyo” by Pete Seeger. For your own enjoyment as a teacher, please give the Storybook Journey curriculum a try – it turns into moments like this one!

Control your Control Issues

Easier said than done I know. But when a situation in your classroom starts to unfold, before you say something to the effect of “Stop throwing blocks please”, take a moment to think about whether anyone is actually going to be hurt. Could this be a potential learning opportunity or teachable moment? I bet that 8 times out of 10, the answer to that question is YES.

So when these 3 boys, stuck inside on a very cold day, started chucking cardboard blocks at the wall, I will fully admit that my first instinct was to put a halt to the shenanigans. But these blocks are cardboard for goodness sake and all 3 of them were willing participants who were using their words in the best way. “No thank you, I don’t like when you throw it at my head!”, “Let’s throw all the red ones!”, “Try to hit the flower on the wall!”. So I gave a warning to the other kids in the room to back up a little unless they wanted to be in the line of fire and let these boys go to town so to speak. How could I be upset with this activity? These 3 year olds are communicating, talking about colors, timing and counting how long it takes for a block to fall down when they throw it, taking aim at things and HAVING FUN.

This picture says it all – your favorite moments as a teacher should be the ones when you see these expressions of total glee and doubled-over laughter. All it takes are some cardboard blocks and a willingness to let go of your inner control freak:)